Weather is one of many natural dictates that humans have little or no power over, yet when severe, it has the tendencies to lead to heavy damages. From cars to gardens, to roof shingles and even the aesthetic value of siding and fascia, the effects of harsh weather conditions on valuable properties cannot be underestimated. This makes it important for property owners to opt for long lasting materials, especially sensitive materials like siding and roofing.

Regarding available options, Vinyl siding is undoubtedly a great option as it's installation is significantly more affordable and requires minimal maintenance over the years as compared to other options. Owing to its increased popularity and available technology, the quality and product choices of the vinyl siding, as well as color, profiles and accessory options, are on the rise. This offers home owners a lot of freedom in their choice as they can stick to previous designs or choose from the variety of architectural and aesthetic options available.

Able Roofing, a reputable vinyl siding company, with numerous happy clients, offers a wide range of profiles, which includes two very popular options ( the traditional vinyl siding and the Dutch lap vinyl siding). Replicated shape option also offers the vinyl shakes, which allows homeowners to explore different aesthetic options available for exterior designs.

Majorly, the quality of the Vinyl siding is rated by how thick the panel is. As is with every building material, there are varieties of grades for the vinyl siding which ranges from 0.035 to 0.055 inches in thickness. Our recommended minimum panel thickness at progressive roofing is 0.044 inches which we deem durable and enhancing.

Installing a higher quality siding keeps your mind at rest in any weather or condition. A lot more can be done to improve the resistance of your building against hail damage and even fixing damages that have already been done by getting in touch with us at Able Roofing today. In a bid to improve efficiency, we provide detailed on-site consultation where we assess the siding in your home and potentially spot any existing damages in other to improve its beauty and protect your property from getting destroyed next time.

Able Roofing also Installs Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber Cement Siding

Besides having an impressive look, Fiber cement siding also provides a higher level of durability as compared to other options. The James Hardie product, an effective fire resistant material with a similar appearance to the traditional wood lap siding is the world's market leader in backer board and fiber cement siding. James Hardie products are designed to prevent rotting, cracking, pests (termite) or hail damage and they also come with various color and customization options for homeowners.

Homeowners who choose to use James Hardie siding product for their home are privileged to a variety of options which includes painting the siding at their factory with any of their color selections.

The available options allow you as a home owner to upgrade the finish warranty of the product to as long as 15 years, which means you will spend little or nothing and waste no time on renovating your home siding. The siding offers a lot including an option for premium durability at a very affordable price.

Just in case they are any questions or doubts about the James Hardie fiber cement siding and all it advantages, we will be happy and willing to talk to you and have the issues addressed. Whether you have decided on your choice of color or you want the factory to handle that for you, we will be happy to assist you through the selection process in other to improve the aesthetic value of your home and also ensure your home is ready to withstand any weather in any season.

Soffit and Fascia

Soffit and Fascia

In every action movie, there is always an unsung hero, when it comes to home exterior designs, soffit and fascia are probably the unsung heroes. Buildings without soffit and, fascia in place tend to expose the fragile attic and framework of the home to all of the unfriendly environmental elements. They both work hand in hand to protect buildings and shouldn't be confused and an 'either or' choice.

The fascia is that vertical board that runs through the eve of a building. In most designs, the gutter tends to be attached to the fascia. The horizontal board that runs along the lower end of the fascia with its butts raised up against the side of a building is known as the soffit.

Proper installation of the soffit gives ample room for air to flow through the attic, which provides an energy efficient building. It is a common practice among today home-builders not to enclose the soffit and fascia, which unfortunately allows the woods get dangerously exposed to harsh weather conditions like the rain which makes it rot and glow mildew. Homebuilders may in rare cases leave nails protruding directly from the soffit board, which can be very hazardous.

At Able Roofing, we understand the critical importance of soffit and fascia on the exterior appearance of a building. We provide the ideal aesthetic improvement required to wrap the soffit and fascia, which could mean you never have to paint it again. You can save a lot of money and time at the end of the day. We can also help you sort through the various design and size options available to determine the best suited for your home. We employ custom bend work to make everything possible.

We also carefully evaluate your existing soffit to make sure it gives room for the required attic ventilation. After work is done on your soffit and fascia, we can guarantee you a better-looking exterior plus a more efficient building. You can reach out to us at 303-872-5808.

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